A bit about me.

I discovered Pilates in 2007. It only took five minutes of my first pilates mat class at a 24 Hour Fitness in Seattle to be addicted. At the time I was overtraining and injured. My right shoulder was killing me and my right knee ached after long runs. After a couple of mat classes I started reformer classes at the Pacific Ballet’s Pilates studio within 10 sessions I felt a lot stronger.  I started to rethink my training and worked on core exercises. I went on to qualify and run the Boston Marathon in 2008.


I moved to Austin in 2011 and started massage school {MT116572.} The real magic happened in 2012 when I found the Postural Restoration Institue. A client was working with a physical therapist in Austin who she called “the best PT in Texas.” A surgeon had recommend she undergo a complete left hip replacement but after six months of restorative exercises and deep massage work her hip pain was reduced by 90%! I was intrigued by the exercises and how deep manual therapy in this application was helping so I set out to learn more. 


Postural Restoration Institute Training

I have taken 88 hours of PRI continuing eduction to date.

Pelvis Restoration & New Pelvis Restoration (28 hours) (2018) PRI Pilates Integration (2017), Myokinematic Restoration (2016), Postural Respiration ( 2016) and Impingement & Instability (Aug 2019). Enrolled in Advanced Intregration (Dec 2019 - an additional 32 hours).


I am a certified Pilates instructor through Balanced Body University and have completed over 1,000 hours of comprehensive training, both in classical pilates and contemporary pilates and am certified on all equipment.  I have had a Massage Therapy license for 8 years and have completed 600 hours of therapeutic bodywork. I integrate deep manual therapy, osteopathic techniques, and cupping into client’s Pilates & therapeutic movement sessions.


Originally from Canada, I find myself at home in Austin. I love to travel, hike, cook, and garden.  

Central Austin @ W 41 Street 78731

cell: 512.516.9136

email:  info@sternspilates.com

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