Jessica Sterns, Lead Instructor


Hi, Welcome. I have run my own solo Pilates and training studio for over 12 years and have 14 years of experience helping people feel better. 

I am a certified Pilates instructor through Balanced Body University with 1,000 hours of comprehensive training, both in classical and contemporary pilates. 

Most importantly I have completed over 165 hours of training with the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), which I believe is run by some of the smartest PTs in the world. I round out the Pilates and PRI education with10 years and 600 + hours of massage and deep tissue education. 


I always integrate range of movement testing and deep manual therapy into client’s sessions. 



Originally from the Yukon Territory I find myself at home in Austin. I love to workout daily, mountain bike anywhere and everywhere I can, walk, hike, read, do crosswords and garden.  I am a mother to a rowdy nine year old boy. My greatest  daily joy is hitting 'Genius' on the nytimes Spelling Bee. 


Postural Restoration Institute Training

Over 165 hours of continuing education

PRI Pilates Integration 15 hours

Forward Locomotor Movement 15 hours 

Advanced Intergration 30 hours

Postural Respiration 15 hours

Impingement & Instability (2019 & 2020 - 30 hours)

Pelvis Restoration (2017 & 2018 - 30 hours)

Myokinematic Restoration 15 hours

Cervical Revolution 15 hours

Central Austin @ W 41 Street 78731

cell: 512.516.9136


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