Sterns Pilates & Bodywork practices a hands-on approach to Pilates instruction and therapeutic movement. The foundation of my work is based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates and research-based functional movement. 


Sterns Pilates & Bodywork offers sessions in a private

400 square-foot studio (YOU will be the only person I am training)This space offers one-on-one Pilates and movement and manual therapy. All sessions integrate full-body conditioning with an emphasis on core stability and breathing correctly.


I use the Pilates reformer, Pilates corealign machine, Pilates chair, yoga wall, mat work, and Pilates tower to facilate integrative movement. Also available in my studio: Rogue landmine, a free weight pulley machine, and an assortment of weights, kettle bells, plyometric jump boxes, slam and medicine balls.


The Postural Restoration Institute’s (PRI) science-based assessments and exercises are deeply referenced in my teaching. PRI takes into consideration the body’s asymmetry, postural adaptations, tri-planar movement and how chains of muscles influence each other. 

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Sterns Pilates is a PRIVATE home studio that only sees one person at a time.

HEPA Filtration system that cleans the air every 12 minutes.

Studio is cleaned with antiviral hospital grade cleaners.

Sanitize hands upon entry and exit. 

Instructor and client wear masks.

Instructor takes temperature daily.

Open windows and doors.



Central Austin @ W 41 Street 78731

cell: 512.516.9136


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